Serenity Allergy Testing was set up after years of trying to find a reason and a cure for my daughter's Chronic Fatigue. At the age of 14 she caught glandular fever and just could not recover from it. For four years we tried everything from private doctors to complementary and alternative therapies. Eventually we heard about allergy testing and, without a great deal of hope, took her for a test. She was diagnosed with a Candida overgrowth, many food intolerances and severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies. By changing her diet and taking food supplements her health rapidly improved.

After one month she was noticeably better and after six months she was almost back to full health. Her recovery was so good that all our family - immediate and extended - went for testing, and all reported an improvement in health and a better quality of life. So much so that I started researching the allergy testing and decided to learn more about how the machine worked. I eventually qualified as a practitioner in 2006, purchased my own machine and started Serenity Allergy Testing.

Take control of your own health and call us today and experience the amazing results yourself.