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MPS-Gold™ 100 (Small)

Foundational Glyconutrient and Aloe Vera supplement to support the immune system, a healthy gut, and cell to cell communication.

1.075 ounces (30.5 grams) and contains 15 measured level teaspoons.

Recommended Intake
Directions of use are sent with your purchase of MPS Gold including information sheets on the product and a list of Anti-Inflammatory foods and Inflammatory foods.  Following a diet that is high in anti-inflammatory foods (at least 80% of your diet) will enhance the body’s ability to get back to full health.

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5 Stars by H, from London

Very good product that does what it says. Wide range of health benefits, including killing off candida as well as protecting from viruses and providing plant nutrients that it's pretty improbable we would get from our diet. I've managed to dodge every cold and flu that has taken everyone around me down this winter and I put it down to this. I have also gone from a 60% candida overgrowth to no overgrowth at all in the space of three and a half months using this product and following Sandra's nutritional advice. The difference is incredible.

5 Stars by Veronica, from KENT

I have been taking MPS-Gold off and on for three years when a get digestive problems - candida. I have now found for me it is best to take a small amount each day before breakfast as it settles the problems that arise from candida.

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